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Seize the Day Podcast

In these shows, I explore opportunities we get presented on a daily basis and the tools we can use to seize them.  I cover many topics from the benefit of gratitude, mantras and positive affirmations to why having a positive mindset is important to help us move forward and reach our goals.  I look at how we can recondition our minds from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, together with the techniques needed to make change.

I've also had some wonderful guests on; some fabulous women leaders, who have seized opportunities in their lives and they share their great stories on the show.


My Coming Out Story

 Celebrating world coming out month in 2018, this 6 minute podcast is a quick walk through when and how I 'discovered' I was gay. I talk through when I told my best friend, my sister and my parents. It was fun to reminisce about those earlier years and reflect how lucky I've been. It's interesting, I still find myself 'coming out' regularly in my life. Hope you enjoy it.


I Recommend 4 Lesbian Fiction Novels

I join Sheena on The Lesbian Review to talk about 4 LesFic books I love.

  1. Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter: Ylva Publishing
  2. Reintegration by Eden S French: Queer Pack
  3. The Innocents by Riley La Shea 
  4. The Way You Smile by Kiki Archer: K. A.  Books

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