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Seize the Day Podcast

Exploring all opportunities we get presented on a daily basis where we can seize the day

Show 1 - The Importance of Gratitude

Show 2 - Mantras & Positive Affirmations

Show 3 - Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts

Show 4 - How to Overcome Fear

Show 5 - The Importance of Kindness

Show 6 - Sheena Gets Interviewed

Show 7 - Common Traits of Successful Women

Show 8 - Goodordering Interview with founder, Jacqui Ma

Show 9 - Trust Your Intuition

Show 10 - Global Girl Project with founder, Julia Lynch

Show 11 - Christmas Special

Show 12 - Kiki Archer, Besting Selling Author, Gets Interviewed

Show 13 - The Power of Intention

Show 14 - How to Balance Life & Time Effectively

Show 15 - A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

Show 16 - Interview with Author, Suzie Carr

Show 17 - Doing the Right Thing

Show 18 - Dana Piccoli Talks Fandom, Clexacon & Being a Debut Author

Show 19 - Author Wendy Hudson talks sailing & a near death experience

Show 20 - 7 Tips to Help You Change Your Life

Show 21 - The Importance of Self-Love and Self-Care

Show 22 - 5 Steps to Attract What you Want into Your Life


My Coming out Story

Celebrating world coming out month, this 6 minute podcast is a quick walk through when and how I 'discovered' I was gay.  I talk through when I told my best friend, my sister and my parents.  It was fun to reminisce about those earlier years and reflect how lucky I've been.  It's interesting, I still find myself 'coming out' regularly in my life.  Hope you enjoy it.

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