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Seize the Day Podcast

In these shows, I explore opportunities we get presented on a daily basis and the tools we can use to seize them.  I cover many topics from the benefit of gratitude, mantras and positive affirmations to why having a positive mindset is important to help us move forward and reach our goals.  I look at how we can recondition our minds from negative thoughts to positive thoughts, together with the techniques needed to make change.

I've also had some wonderful guests on; some fabulous women leaders, who have seized opportunities in their lives and they share their great stories on the show.


Curves Welcome Interview

I join Suzie Carr on Curves Welcome in an impromptu catch up at GCLS. I discuss how I started my Seize the Day journey, where I get my inspiration from, what podcasting means to me and why I do it.  Suzie and I discuss many other great topics too.


I Recommend 4 Lesbian Fiction Novels

I join Sheena on The Lesbian Review to talk about 4 LesFic books I love.

  1. Requiem For Immortals by Lee Winter: Ylva Publishing
  2. Reintegration by Eden S French: Queer Pack
  3. The Innocents by Riley La Shea 
  4. The Way You Smile by Kiki Archer: K. A.  Books

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